Armadillidium Maculatum “Paradox”


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Totally lottery ticket!!!

Paradox are not sure to reproduce its own gens. It is very unstabile. I’m now getting a stable Paradox offspring from my zebras, so it is time for the big guys to move on.

Because I think, more people should experience the joy of having “Paradox in your box”, then I selling 3 of my Classic Paradox.

OBS: Buying this maybe not give you the Paradox at all. Genetics, when they are so unstabile as they are, when comes to the Paradox, there simply is no garantee. But you will enjoy a very rare isopod, that brings live to any Zebra collecion. And it is easier to get the Paradow, if you have it in the gens of your pods.!

Limited to one pr. order. I want so many to enjoy this as possible…


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