Cubaris Starter-Set/ All you need!


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***Only Danish coustomers, can order startsæt, because of the weight***

Cubaris are a moist and heat loving spicies, which loves both limestone an moss. I keep mine with 85 % humidity on 27,5 degree, backwall heated setup.

This set include:

5 L Box, Pre-drilled holes, same places as my own. Mesh net inkl, but you must do the glue work yourself. I suck at this!!!

  • Limestones “coral style”,
  • big piece og our own quality moss,
  • our on secret cubaris substrate (Can have a smell to it first couple of days, thats the one ingridient bottom feeding the animals),
  • corkbark piece
  • dead wood,
  • small bag of crushed leefs,
  • Small piece of cuttelbone
  • NO ANIMALS, order seperately.

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