Starter set / Porcellio and Armadillidium.


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***Only Danish coustomers, can order startsæt, because of the weight***

Porcellio/Armadillidium starter set – plug and watch box, with everything you need to give this spicies the best start.

Set include:

  • 5 L box, pre-drilled holes. 0,5×0,5 mm mesh net is inkl, because my lack af glue skills, should not ruin your new box.
  • Big piece of moss. Moss plays a major role in a healthy isopod life, so do not save your money here. This is the same moss we use to all our spicies. Your pods will show you right away their love of this moss. Try it, and spaghnummoss are out of your life for ever.
  • Dead Wood,
  • Crushed leeflitter.
  • Bigger hide litters.
  • Cuttlebone.
  • Our own homemade and steril porcellio/armadillidium substrate/calcium enriched.
  • 2  smaller Bark pieces.
  • Small bag of our own homemade isopod and milipede food.
  • No animals are incl!!!

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